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November 2019

What have the Dems’ impeachment hearings revealed so far

By Dr. Larry Fedewa
(November 16,2019) The much-publicized hearings of the House Intelligence Committee began last Wednesday with three high ranking State Department officials over two days. The hearings revealed two things: 1) how deep the “Deep State” goes, and 2) how shallow the Democrats’ case against President Donald Trump really is.
The Deep State
There are thousands of honest, hard-working people in the federal bureaucracy, who toil conscientiously every day to do the jobs they have been assigned. Among them are the first three witnesses called by Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) to lead off the public testimony phase of his impeachment inquiry.

Will Trump win in November 2020?

Don’t be too sure
By Dr. Larry Fedewa
(November 11, 2019) The general opinion among Trump supporters – and many Democrats — is that a sitting president who oversees a thriving economy is very difficult to beat in an election for his second term. There is plenty of precedent for this prediction. Only two presidents since WWII have been defeated for a second term – Jimmy Carter and George Herbert Walker Bush. Carter faced a serious recession and Bush shared the vote with third party candidate, Ross Perot. So, history is definitely on the side of this opinion. Many Trump supporters believe that his re-election is virtually assured. This is a potentially dangerous presumption.
There are three unique factors which pose challenges to the President. The first is the “anybody but Trump” cabal. The Democrats are apparently convinced that this element is important enough that they are banking their entire strategy on it (See my column, “The Dems huge gamble” at

The Dems’ huge gamble

By Dr. Larry Fedewa (November 2, 2019)
The Democrat Party of the United States of America has apparently adopted the following strategy:
  1. Put forth a list of second- and third-rate candidates for their 2020 Presidential nomination, almost all of whom represent positions on the significant issues of health care, immigration, environment, the Constitution, and foreign policy which are so far to the Left that they are never going to attract the majority support of the American electorate.
  2. To make this decision work, they made a frantic, last minute attempt to remove the current President by the vote of one house of the legislature, even though the Senate, which is controlled by the Republican Party — which must convict the President by a 2/3 majority — is virtually certain the exonerate the President, thus leaving the President in office.
  3. Nevertheless, proceed with the impeachment on the assumption that the process can be manipulated in such a way as to stain the President’s name and reputation and thereby divert enough independent voters to defeat Donald J. Trump in his quest for a second term. Keep Reading