ANNOUNCEMENT (December 31, 2020)

Hi Everybody,
It is with great sadness that I announce the suspension of this column and “The Dr. Larry Show”. Since the first appearance in this space on September 14, 2013
of a column by this writer, my column has appeared in your in-box nearly every week — 421 times, over more than seven years. I have tried to find the sensible and common sense pathway through the events and trends of the times. The subject of that first column was “The Cry of the poor”, and I have always attempted to understand the burdens of the   underdog as well as the leaders. My work on the “wealth gap” and possible solutions has been perhaps the best example of my approach. While my commitment to the common, often forgotten, American remains strong, medical developments in recent days have required that I reduce my professional responsibilities and concentrate on more personal matters.
I will, however, still be heard on internet radio every Wednesday evening in a new format called, “The Resistance Hour with Dr. Larry and Tom”, in which my new partner and old friend Tom Donelson and I will discuss the news and trends of the day with our distinguished guests.
This program will air live or telephone 1.646.929.0130) Podcasts now available at
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Happy New Year, Everybody!

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