Are Catholics welcome in the new Democrat party?

What about Jews?
By Dr. Larry Fedewa (January 18, 2019)
As the platform — and actions – of the Democrat party have become more actively pro-choice on the issue of abortions, questions have begun to surface more widely as to whether a practicing Catholic can in good conscience be a member of the Democrat party? It is true that there are a number of very prominent Democrats who also profess to be Catholics, including 2016 vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and former Vice President Joe Biden, among others.
The tipping point is the increasingly adamant position of the Catholic Church in opposition to abortion in any form. As research shows more clearly the viability of the fetus at a very early stage, the basis of the Church’s position has evolved from disapproval of abortion as a birth control measure to condemnation of abortion as a form of infanticide, i.e. murder.
The traditional position of the Catholic Church was based on the opinion of St. Thomas of Aquinas that the fetus became viable as a human being when the mother felt it stirring, which was widely considered to be after the first trimester. From that time forward, the fetus was to be considered a human person with the consequent right to life. This is the position still held by a large majority of the American population, as shown in recent polls (see Gallup 2018, Marist 2019), although public opinion allows for exceptions, such as risks to the health of the mother, rape, or child disability.
Medical research, especially imaging and DNA technology, has revealed the activity, gender and formation of the fetus and in so doing establishes its individuality as a person at a far earlier stage in pregnancy than previously understood. These images and their implications have persuaded many people to amend their views of abortion in favor of the fetus. However, there is still the issue of whether people are willing to accept the right of the government to interfere in what is experienced as a personal decision to be addressed by free citizens.
The fundamental issue of government jurisdiction is based on the assertion that government represents the common good of the nation, and as such must protect the “right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” of its citizens. The question then is, “Does the unborn child qualify as a citizen?” Pro-Life advocates say yes, Pro-Choice advocates say no. All but 20% or so of the public, however, qualify that answer in favor of the unborn child. (Gallup)
This 20% of the American public is apparently disproportionately represented by the new Democrat party. It is not only the newly elected who make support for “unconditional abortion” a qualification for Democrat party membership. The entire Democrat Senate caucus, led by veteran Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) last summer, took extraordinary steps to defeat Judge Kavanaugh’s ascent to the Supreme Court in large part because they feared his possible rejection of Roe v. Wade.
The 2016 Democrat Platform also included the pro-abortion plank, as it has for many years. In addition, Senate confirmation hearings of Catholic federal judge candidates have routinely been grilled by Democrats regarding their Catholic beliefs with corresponding negative votes. Even membership in the Knights of Columbus has been criticized as though it were the Ku Klux Klan (which also doesn’t like Catholics).
The questioning of judicial candidates by the Senate Judicial Committee has routinely featured anti-Catholic bigotry by Diane Feinstein (D-CA). Then “On Dec. 5, Senators Mazie Hirono (D-HI) and Kamala Harris (D-CA) raised concerns about membership in the Knights of Columbus while the Senate Judiciary Committee reviewed the candidacy of Brian C. Buescher, an Omaha-based lawyer nominated by President Trump to sit on the United States District Court for the District of Nebraska.
“In her questions to Buescher, Hirono said that the Knights have “taken a number of extreme positions.” Harris used her questions to label the organization as “opposed a woman’s right to choose” and against “marriage equality,” and suggested that Buescher could be unable to give a fair hearing to cases on these issues.” (Catholic News Service, January 17, 2019)
This incident moved Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) to introduce a resolution declaring the K of C membership protected by the freedom of religion guarantee of the Constitution. The resolution passed by voice vote, so the Senators did not have to record their votes.
This drama occurred just before the 46th annual March for Life which drew hundreds of thousands of marchers today (January 18, 2019) to mark the anniversary of Roe v. Wade  (1973) by demonstrating their objections to that decision of the Supreme Court. President Trump addressed the crowd by video, and Vice President Pence in person along with Republican and Democrat representatives. The size and youth of the crowd set records. Clearly, the abortion debate is going strong.
In the meantime, another debate has erupted in the Church with some bishops openly asserting that Catholic politicians who support abortion should be denied Communion. Others, citing American freedom of religion, have disagreed with the ban. Pope Francis is believed to have signaled his desire to stay away from this issue (among many others) by his demotion of U.S. Cardinal Raymond Burke, an outspoken advocate of denying communion to Pro Life politicians. Nevertheless, there is growing discomfort on this issue in Catholic circles, exacerbated by the traditional identification of Catholic voters with the Democrat party.
Generally, abortion has not been a critical issue for the American electorate, but with heightened visibility on both sides of the issue, a major realignment of the Catholic vote seems to be looming as the New Left continues its take-over of the Democrat party. And a word to Senators Charles Schumer, Diane Feinstein and other Jews in the party: watch out for the New Left’s favoring the Palestinians over the Israelis. The old Ku Klux Klan wing of the Democrat party. with its hatred of Negros, Jews and Catholics, seems to be having a revival of sorts. We all need to pick our friends carefully these days.
A new wind is blowing.
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