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Biden’s Energy Knife Has Several Blades

Texas Turbine Field, 2021

Biden’s high gas prices are helping for Putin’s war

By Larry Fedewa, Ph.D.

(Washington D.C., June 30, 2022) From some observers’ view, the neat thing about the American President’s “kill the American fossil fuel industry” policy is that it cuts several ways.The most obvious is that the ever-rising prices of fossil fuels for our transportation, agriculture, and hospitality industries force Americans to get serious about alternative sources of energy.A

Also, but not least, is that fact that, with the US essentially out of the natural gas market, Russia is now able to finance its war on Ukraine with funds paid for its energy by foreign importers including the United States and its NATO allies – in spite of their official embargo.

A typical NATO scenario was played out during last week’s G7 meeting in Germany. On Wednesday French President Macron proudly announced a late-night agreement by the 27 members of the European Union that paves the way for petrol and diesel-powered cars to be banned from the EU market by 2035, among a host of measures to chart Europe’s course to zero carbon emissions.

Unfortunately, Mr. Macron also bore bad news which he “whispered” to President Biden apparently unaware of the close presence of the press. in front of Mr. Biden. The news was that oil production capacity of the United Arab Emirates was at capacity and Saudi Arabia nearly so. Apparently, Macron was appealing to Biden to resume America’s energy production.

So much for 2035!

While the Biden disciples are pleased with his success in strangling America’s energy output, many others are very critical of his policies. His attempts to blame the industry he is attempting to destroy for the inflation in gasoline prices ring increasingly hallow and self-serving in the minds of the public.

More and more people are beginning to understand that the foundation of our entire economy is fossil fuels – diesel for trucks, trains and ships, gasoline for automobiles, propane for farms, fertilizers for agriculture, and aviation kerosene for airplanes – to name some of the most common uses. No one is against the development and deployment of alternative fuels. As the technology develops so will the use of these elements. But not yet.

The controversial Heartland Institute reports some sobering facts about the US purchases of Russian energy in an analysis of United States Energy Administration data, to wit:

  • America sends Russia $74 Million per day for oil imports or $2.22 billion per month.
  • America imported 24 percent more oil from Russia in 2021 than in 2020.
  • 36 percent of Russia’s government budget comes from oil export revenue.

The bedrock dogma of Biden and his fellow travelers is the danger of Global Warming. This evolution of nature, they believe, threatens the entire planet and the survival of all who currently dwell on it. It would be like an Ice Age in reverse. Instead of arable land being lost under tons of ice, it would be lost under expanding oceans, burning heat and impossible conditions for human survival.

There are only two problems with this prediction: 1) no actions of human beings have been proven to affect the weather in any way; and 2) there is no evidence that there have been any changes in earth’s rotating weather patterns which have not been recorded in the past. Records show that over time the weather has entered into mildly distinct cycles. In other words, there is no science to prove that the bedrock dogma is anything more than a pipe dream.Of course, the true believers will dispute this conclusion, but objective, level-headed climatologists have long ago proven that these fantasies are matters of faith, not reason.

So, we come back to the USA in 2022. We are currently helping to finance Russia’s latest war of expansion, bound to be followed if successful, by more such battles in the pattern of Adolph Hitler in the 1930’s. Add China’s similar adventures in the Pacific theater and the scope of America’s danger begins to take shape.

If we don’t change our energy policies in time, we face the slow disintegration of the US economy, accompanied by defeat in a war in which we will have financed the enemy with our own money. 34333

That will be a future far worse than global warming — and far more likely.


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