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Socialist takeover of the US government – how?

Following up on last week’s column

By Larry Fedewa, Ph.D.

(Washington, DC -October  26, 2020) Last week’s column attempted to illustrate how a new feudalism can occur under the guise of a Socialist takeover of the government. The are many moving parts to this movement, and a number of the key elements are already in place. The trap is nearly ready to be sprung. The only obstacle in the new Republican Party of Donald J. Trump. This is why such frantic efforts are continually sustained to defeat him.

In order to more easily understand how this takeover will work, the key pieces of the puzzle will be presented here in a notebook format. (More detail can be seen in last week’s column, “How the new feudalism will happen” (See                    Keep Reading

How the new feudalism will happen·     , 


Will the unholy alliance prevail ?

By Larry Fedewa, Ph.D.
(Washington DC- October 19, 2020) The events of last week showed us how the new oligarchy will work. The tip-off was the censorship of the New York Post story about the corruption of the Biden family.
As this column presented the findings of the U.S. Senate Committees on the Judiciary and Homeland Security concerning the activities of Hunter Biden and his successful sale of his Vice President father’s influence on behalf of foreign countries for billions of dollars. The Post story presented in convincing detail a collaboration of the Senate Report.
The Tweeter note of this story was taken down by the Alphabet Corporation, which owns Google, and quickly followed by Facebook – both owned by billionaires who have signed on to the Biden campaign.
Social media, in the form of these two companies plus Microsoft, LinkedIn, and several others, have become the major source of new for much of the country and the world. For example, You Tube (also owned by Alphabet) is the primary source of news for 26% of the American population. That is more than any broadcast programming in America.
You9/18 9:22am
1)   The basis
The basis of this attempt to take over the Government is the familiar problem of contemporary America, namely the wealth gap which now exists. In summary, the 80% of the country’s wealth will soon be controlled by 1% of the population.
The results of this disparity are potentially catastrophic to America because it means that the buying power of the middle class is fast disappearing in an economy which depends (68%) on consumer spending.
Secondly, it means that most of the population will depend on a few billionaires, who will employ most of these individuals.
Thirdly, all that has to be done is for these billionaires to band together in support of the politicians who are indebted to them for their financing and whose votes are therefore controlled by the oligarchs.
There are only three ways to rectify the wealth gap: the (rising water rises all ships – called the Reagan economy – which is also the Trump economy, which has never worked in re-distributing the wealth; give the extra money to the government through taxes, which then distributes it to the 68%, usually through welfare, thus turning independent citizens into an ever expanding welfare class, totally dependent on government.
The third way is a free market re-distribution of wealth. This is a recent movement which is based on a re-definition of capitalism, best exemplified by a new movement called Conscious Capitalism.
2) The National Security crisis which identified the players in this attempt to take over the country
This is the crisis concerning Hunter Biden and his successful sale of his father’s influence to foreign countries and individuals for billions of dollars.
This past week provided a treasure trove of emails and pictures from the younger Biden’s computer hard drive, which clearly identified the work which Hunter Biden was engaged in as well as evidence in his father’s complicit role in this corruption.
Since China was the biggest source of the Biden family take, it is clear that the Democrat nominee is unfit to serve as the Chief Executive of the United States. If true, he is a traitor to his country.
3)  The unholy alliance and how it works
The next act in this drama was the withdrawal of the New York Post tweet announcing its story on the Biden’s, soon followed by Facebook. This incident brought to light these firms and the immense power they have accumulated by abusing the federal law exempting them from libel laws.
This was the identification of the final players in the unholy alliance. The observation has been made that the takeover by the new oligarchs will be a soft coup d’ tat, this without violence or bloody revolution.
It will be done though automation. With the communications of the entire nation subject to the control of the billionaires, the people cannot communicate except though “Big Brother” as George Orwell predicted in his book 1984 (he may have been off in his timing, but his description of ordinary life was vey revealing).
So, this is the way it works: The billionaires (player #1) unite to supply and direct the press (player #2), use high technology to control all personal communications (player #3), buy a political party (player #4), fund all its candidates ( player #5) which in turn funds the Deep State (player #6) and BINGO! The Socialist America is born.
Most of this scenario has already taken place. The 2016 election was a trial run for the future. They believe the mistakes of 2016 have been analyzed and corrected, they believe. The only obstacle is Donald J. Trump. He should have been one of the oligarchs but instead chose to defy the entire alliance. So they tested their system by using the presss to neutralize him with a hate campaign, use of the bought House to impeach him based on the enlistment of the Deep State to provide false evidence.
They came within one Senate vote of succeeding.
But still he stands – between total power of the unholy alliance and secondary status. He had better beware – if he wins the pending election, He may be walking around with a target on his back.
4)  The fallout from the crisis.
a. The FBI held the Hunter Biden evidence for a whole year, including exculpatory evidence which would have proven that the president was innocent prima facie Leads to the probability that the Deep Sate is still active in the FBI.
b. The Justice Department has filed suite against Twitter and Facebook for obstructing justice (The grounds for the lawsuit are not yet public knowledge.)
The table is set by the unholy alliance to take over the country. All that is lacking is a Biden victory in the coming election. The only force standing in the way is Donald J. Trump.
Unless we stand with him.
© 2020 Richfield Press. Al rights reserved

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How a Biden presidency will change your life

Candidates Joseph Biden and Kalama Harris (Image Courtesy of AP)

The end of America’s Constitutional government

By Larry Fedewa, Ph.D.

(Washington DC, October 12, 2020) Everybody keeps saying, “This is the most important election in our lifetime, if not in American history.” Is this true? Why do we keep hearing this?

The answer to the question is, Yes. It is truly the most important election at least in our lifetime, perhaps in our history with the exception of the election of 1860, which ignited the Civil War.

The reason for this judgement, however, differs for each side of the debate. Biden supporters assert that President Trump is a failed president, whose continuation in office will threaten the future of America. They follow with a series of accusations which are expressed in the context of what an evil person he is, citing mostly statements or tweets he has made, whether actually or allegedly.

Unfortunately, however, it is rather more difficult to determine the actual positions of the Democrat ticket due to the discrepancy on certain issues between Candidate Biden’s shifting support on key questions, such as, fracking and fossil fuel policies, COVID, economic shut-down, packing the Supreme Court, Chinese military aggression, and other issues, as well as different views put forth by surrogates and the DNC.

All of this casts a shadow over Mr. Biden’s claim that he IS the Democrat Party today. However, there seems to be enough evidence to assert that the following outline is reasonably representative of their platform. The underlying issue, however, concerns the Constitution of the United States of America.

The theory of Constitutional Law which characterizes the liberal movement holds that the language of the Constitution itself was developed in the 18th century and should not be taken literally. Rather the Constitution represents the intentions of the Founders and should be adapted to modern problems and issues by following the “spirit” rather than the letter as written.

This approach allows the American judiciary  — at all levels – to rule according to current political trends. Thus, the actual wording of the Constitution is ignored, and issues are resolved on whatever basis a particular court finds appropriate. The following positions advocated by the Democrats in this election are to be understood in this context:

Supreme Court

To effect these changes in law would require Supreme Court approval, because they would overrule the Constitution and become the law of the land. In order for that to happen, the Court would have to be controlled by liberal justices, which it is not at present. Therefore, the Dems would pass a law expanding the number seats on the Court and then appoint known liberals to fill those seats. This is called “packing the Court”.

Electoral College

If elected, the Dems will seek to eliminate the Electoral College in favor of the majority of the popular vote. In effect, New York and California, as the most populous states, would control the federal government. Middle America would cease to exist as a political force in the nation.



The Second Amendment to the Constitution provides for the right of Americans to bear arms, i.e. to own weapons. This right would be overturned by the Democrat-controlled government.


Another restriction imposed by the Constitution is the prohibition of government interference with religion, i.e. freedom of religion. The Dems are of a mind to permit the federal government to  discriminate against citizens on the basis of religious beliefs. Two recent examples are the provision in the Affordable Care Act requiring all employers to provide birth control amenities to employees without regard to the religious beliefs of the employer. Another case in point is the accusation that Judges who belong to the Catholic Church are not fit for office, because of the official Catholic teaching that abortion is a sin.

Beyond Constitutional issues, there are several other planks in the Dems’ platform:


The most significant economic impact of the Democrat agenda is the additional taxes they will assess on the American people. Biden has declared that on his first day in office, he will rescind the Trump Tax, immediately increasing middle class taxes by several hundred dollars, to be followed by a major increase on companies and individuals with incomes and assets (passive income) totaling $300,000 or more. Presumably, this includes retirement funds and other investments which have positive yields.

Foreign policy

The biggest issue in foreign policy is the rapidly mounting evidence that Mr. Biden is guilty of major corruption through billions of dollars advanced from foreign sources, especially China and Russia, to his son, Hunter Biden, and other relatives. This makes him the “Manchurian Candidate”, i.e. an American President controlled by the Chinese Communist party.

Domestic policy – chief concerns in domestic policy are:

  1. Abortion — establishment of unlimited abortions at public expense, including the killing of 9th month fetuses for any reason.
  2. Law enforcement – support for defunding of police departments in favor of social workers.
  3. Energy – commitment to the elimination of fossil fuels by some deadline (varies from 2030 to 2050) with the accompanying loss of millions of jobs, loss of the competition with China – all without any satisfactory substitute technology and based on dubious science.
  4. Federal support of Black Lives Matter, Antifa and other Marxist organizations which were responsible for much of the violence, property destruction and murder in 2020.
  5. Immigration – re-opening of US border to unregulated immigration and government support for these immigrants through welfare, free medical care and education.
  6. Trade – reversion to former trade policies in which US firms paid high tariffs on exported goods and services and charged no tariffs on import from foreign manufacturers.
  7. Health care – re-institution of Obamacare with socialized medicine on the horizon, i.e. complete government control of health care, probably through expansion of Medicare.


 Summary – The Biden years would thus lead to complete government control of our lives, permanent economic stagnation, permanent low employment, continual expansion of welfare-dependent population, decline of American quality of life and world standing, and ultimately a world dominated by the Chinese Communist Party.


That is why 2020 is the most important election in American history.


© 2020 Richfield Press. All rights reserved.










Why a Biden election would destroy the USA’s capacity to defeat China

(photo: Fox News)

Joseph Biden is the Manchurian candidate

By Larry Fedewa, Ph.D.

(Washington DC, October 5,2020) In the 1962 movie, The Manchurian Candidate, the plot depicts a complicated plot by which the chosen candidate of the Communist enemy of the United States is to be elected President of the United States of America. This candidate will be compelled to execute every instruction of the Communists because he is the victim of numerous threats of blackmail and assassination by his controllers.

The publication of the 87 page document entitled “Hunter Biden, Burisma, and Corruption: The Impact on U.S. Government Policy and Related Concerns U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs U.S. Senate Committee on Finance Majority Staff Report” (See Hunter Biden, Burisma and Corruption) on September 23, 2020 indicates that Joseph Biden would find himself in the same position as The Manchurian Candidate. Keep Reading

The Presidential Debacle: Here’s the deal

Trump to world: There is no deal!

By Larry Fedewa, Ph.D.

(Washington DC, September 30, 2020) Personally, I was disappointed. I can sympathize with President Trump’s impatience with the arrogance of the so-called moderators of presidential debates. He undoubtedly learned his lesson in his first debate when he was booby-trapped by Megan Kelly’s insulting question regarding his attitude toward women.

However, even I was shocked when he interrupted Mr. Biden’s first answer of the night. From then on, the “debate” consisted mostly of two monologues — sometimes three when Chris Wallace tried to regain control of the conversation — often at the same time. I hope someone reminds the principals that when they all talk at once, the audience cannot understand what anyone is saying. Keep Reading

Life and Death

A selection of poems by Lawrence J. Fedewa


A number of readers of my memoir. Inside: The Early Years,  have asked about my poetry. I have been writing poetry since the sixth grade, so there were many efforts, few of which have survived. However, some have, and recently I have added a few new pieces to the list.

I have selected a few poems under the themes of LIFE and DEATH.

Life is one astonishment after another, whether joy, sorrow, faith or desolation. As the years advance, death becomes an experience of increasing intensity and interest. Many of my life experiences are reflected here.

A poem is not to be judged by its length, its topic or its mood, but rather by its message and its language. A good poem is a thing of beauty. Life must have beauty to offset its opposites. And beauty must be seen in sorrow and death as well as in joy and love. It is the beauty that makes loss bearable. True beauty is an astonishment in life. Perhaps there is some beauty in these words. If so, it is freely given.


Lawrence J. Fedewa

© Richfield Press, Ltd. 2018 (All rights reserved.)

America’s Challenge (original, 1961)

I have strength

I’m proud and sometimes stupid                     

but I’m young and big and cocky.

I want to move and grow, but where?


My lands are no longer wild,

my forests and mountains and deserts now

no longer tease with mystery and challenge.

My lands are tamed and hogtied with

railroads and highways and air lanes,

bundled up and ready to be sold

ready for people and plumbing and taming.

My mines are all discovered, my fields are cities.

My rivers are dam63ed and trees cut.

Where can I go? What plains and valleys

what forests can ring with my restless youth?


I can still fight and go hungry and laugh

I can still swear at my enemy and fight him

with fists and guts and beat him . . .


But how long?

Soon I will be bundled by age and fat

tied, held helpless like my tamed land.

Then I won’t be able to fight

maybe I won’t want to fight

maybe my fight and my spirit

will be lying in the dust beside me,

squeezed out like toothpaste from its tube

by the bonds of my land.


Let me fight now while I can still feel

while my long lungs can still tingle

with the great air, fresh and big from the open sea

 while my sinew and courage can win

while I can plant my feet in hell

and bump my head on heaven

and stand and strain and struggle

and know I’ll win because my cause

is great and grand and godly against evil

against softness and flabby muscles

and long streets of starving minds and idle hands


of bleeding machines and men dehumanized by greed.


But most of all against the godless men

who smear my clear vision

and conquer me with caresses.

Let me fight now, lead me to the battle

for the battle will end and I will bring victory

but let me go now.

[Note: A revised version of this poem can be found as a narration

“Freedom’s Call to Action” Below:



The universe pulses the greatness of God

Utter vastness of worlds and galaxies,

space, light, time in trillions,

suns and millennia and light years

grow and pass and pray their grandeur

and the greater grandeur of their timeless time

there to God alone, playing and praying

for untold eons watched by Him alone

before man’s telescopes and missiles and rockets.


God, more baffling and astounding and vast

than they and their offspring added and multiplied.


O God of space! O Presence!

God in every ion and molecule,

surrounding its infinitesimal, streaking explosions,

planning its patterns, placing its presence

for man to find and gape in awe,

hypnotized by the science of God

unfolding the mixture of things, the folly of senses

– for a paralyzing instant – a numbing flash

of the fantastic Mastermind of the universe!


The sun slips up above the level land,

caught and squeezed into a hazy, yellow ball,

surrounded by the last lingering grayness of the night.


The shining, dripping green of the leaves and trees

flashes and sparkles; and struggling little sunbeams,

young and smiling, report to the asking sun

that the worn earth has been freshened by its shower of dew,

made clean and new and ready by the night.

The sun dawns and yesterday’s world is innocent.


My trespassing footfalls are loud and hard and harsh.

The crickets’ purring, the crisp little breeze

swaying the luxuriant leaves of the wakened trees,

the scampering, squeaking squirrels, the tweeting little birds –

these simple sounds in nature’s morning concerto

do not disturb the rhythm and the wonder of the peaceful stillness.

  Somehow, they lushly accompany her solo of silence.

But my human footsteps intrude.


A car comes roaring into earshot

– motor sound, friction fighting power, blatant, brazen ugliness

violate the silence, blanch, break, bury the stillness,

boasting noise like a challenge, blasting away into oblivion.


Slowly the little sounds recover,

the peppy, pretty, resounding and timeless

silence in the green parlor of the sun.


My steps crunch and crinkle and intrude.

I open the door to my sleeping house.

Convicted, ashamed, I quit the arena,

leaving the field to the gentle victor.



Cock your head, colt, and paw and paw

the tinsels moon strewn on lake and land.

Raise your tired-of-grazing head

                                                 up and up, and challenge and charge                                                       

the hoof hurt heavens!

Prance and dance your pounding sound

pistons on the teasing earth,

beating her dare down to the moon shades,

the mighty, misty moon shades of the woodland.

                                                                                 Snort and sing, look and sing                                                                                   

at the sounding, echo bounding fields,

the breathing, beam sprinkled, bale bringing fields.

Hark to the whispering hoppers’ humming.

                                                                                  see far into the loud, lonely land                                                                                    

and shimmering, shining mirrors of the moon.

Then grasp the great ground flying,

and gripping go running close,

back clinging to your clothing big mare mother.