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Politics is NOT a game            

  Everybody wins something!
By Dr. Larry Fedewa (February 10, 2019)
The soaring rhetoric with which President Donald J. Trump concluded his 2019 State of the Union address was totally unexpected, but as uplifting in its own way as that of Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy. And we need to be lifted up – from the pettiness and willful blindness which have characterized much of our political discourse as our loyalties and pronouncements have descended into a caldron of partisan gamesmanship.
As author John Daly observed on “The Dr. Larry Show” last week, the American public has taken to looking at politics as a competitive sport where there must be winners and losers. This perspective has been both led and followed by the news media. Smaller and ever smaller incidents, actions and words are being analyzed in terms of who won and who lost. Fox News has even scheduled an end-of-week quiz every Friday night called “Winners and Losers”.

What should Virginia Governor Northam Do?

Trial by twitter?
By Dr. Larry Fedewa (February 3, 2019)
By now everyone has heard about Governor Northam’s week from Hell. First, he makes headlines in a video which records his cold-blooded description of how the execution of a new-born baby would proceed according to a proposed law (later defeated by the Virginia legislature). Then, his page in the 1984-yearbook of his medical school surfaces showing his picture along side two other pictures, one of a Ku Klux Klansman and one of a black face performer. At first, he waits for nearly a day before issuing an apology for the pictures, where he seems to admit that one of them is him. Then he has a press conference the next day in which he denies that he is either of the figures represented.
In the meantime, the apparently unchallenged fact surfaces that his nickname in medical school was “Coon Man”. Never late to the hanging, both Democrat Senators, Mark Warner and Tim Kaine, both former Virginia Governors, denounce Northam and call for his resignation, along with nearly every other politician in Virginia and Washington.

The Windmill Chasers

Triumphs and Less in American Politics
By Bob Livingston, 2018 University of Louisiana at Lafayette Press, 296 pp
This is the extraordinary story of an extraordinary man. Bob Livingston’s memoir starts with his beginnings in a troubled family through his time in the Navy, law school, first jobs and finally his entry into politics as the first Republican Congressman from his district near New Orleans, LA since before the Depression.

A Significant Life

Lawrence J. Fedewa
5.0 out of 5 stars
A significant life
January 21, 2019
Format: Hardcover
This is the extraordinary story of an extraordinary man. Bob Livingston’s memoir starts with his beginnings in a troubled family through his time in the Navy, law school, first jobs and finally his entry into politics as the first Republican Congressman from his district near New Orleans, LA since before the Depression. The story hits its rhythm, as they say in sports, as his 22 years in the U.S. Congress unfolds. The climax comes when he ascends to Speaker, only to have it snatched away at the last minute. Along the way, Bob explains in simple language his common sense politics and comments on past and current people and events from his own perspective. What emerges is a very attractive conservative philosophy which is worth reading for its own sake. The reader is also struck by the author’s honesty, even humility — a quality not commonly expected in a politician. This perspective is particularly evident as he details the background and events surrounding the House impeachment of William Jefferson Clinton. That segment adds a first hand account of his part in that historical epic, with all the pathos and tragedy he and his supporters experienced. Equally enlightening is his assessment of the impact of those sad days through the years that followed. Altogether a valuable and occasionally riveting addition to the literature of that era.
Lawrence J. Fedewa, PhD.
Richfield Press

Are Catholics welcome in the new Democrat party?

What about Jews?
By Dr. Larry Fedewa (January 18, 2019)
As the platform — and actions – of the Democrat party have become more actively pro-choice on the issue of abortions, questions have begun to surface more widely as to whether a practicing Catholic can in good conscience be a member of the Democrat party? It is true that there are a number of very prominent Democrats who also profess to be Catholics, including 2016 vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and former Vice President Joe Biden, among others.
The tipping point is the increasingly adamant position of the Catholic Church in opposition to abortion in any form. As research shows more clearly the viability of the fetus at a very early stage, the basis of the Church’s position has evolved from disapproval of abortion as a birth control measure to condemnation of abortion as a form of infanticide, i.e. murder.

Immigration policy needs more than barriers

It’s really complicated. . . .
By Dr. Larry Fedewa (January 13, 2019)
The immigration situation in the United States is a total mess. Yes, we need barriers where terrain permits. But that is just the tip of the iceburg. To snapshot the most urgent challenges, let’s look at three of the categories of immigration policy that need to be fixed: 1) border enforcement, 2) citizenship qualifications, and 3) visa procedures.
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Shutdown and Stand-off!

What the heck is going on?
By Dr. Larry Fedewa (January 6, 2019)
One quarter of the United States federal government is closed. Unless you are a federal employee or contractor, you probably haven’t noticed this – yet. But the longer this closing goes on, the more impact it will have on ordinary people. For example, the IRS is not processing refunds – not much of a problem so far but will be in another month. And so it goes with several other agencies.
What then is causing all this disruption? Whose fault is it? How will it be resolved?

Christmas 2018 — What does it mean?

By Dr. Larry Fedewa, December 22, 2018
As we look around at the Christmas decorations, programs, ceremonies, shopping, cards, greetings and the whole Christmas season, what messages do we get? What does it all mean?
Clearly, something unusual and good is in the air. People seem friendlier, parties and benefits are everywhere. Charities, soap kitchens, and the Salvation Army are busier than usual.

Republicans in the secular city: Condemned by history?

By Dr. Larry Fedewa (December 15, 2018)
The 2016 update of the 2010 U.S. Census shows the current distribution of the U.S. population at 80.3% urban and 19.7% rural. (Michael Radcliffe, Geography Division, U.S. 2010 Census Report, issued December 2016)
This simple fact is perhaps the most significant reality in the current political polarization of the United States’ electorate. On its face, it signifies that the current Republican Party is doomed to disappear unless it can make some fundamental changes. To detail some of the differences between urban and rural realities, let’s look at a few.