Cock your head, colt, and paw and paw

the tinsels moon strewn on lake and land.

Raise your tired-of-grazing head

                                                 up and up, and challenge and charge                                                       

the hoof hurt heavens!

Prance and dance your pounding sound

pistons on the teasing earth,

beating her dare down to the moon shades,

the mighty, misty moon shades of the woodland.

                                                                                 Snort and sing, look and sing                                                                                   

at the sounding, echo bounding fields,

the breathing, beam sprinkled, bale bringing fields.

Hark to the whispering hoppers’ humming.

                                                                                  see far into the loud, lonely land                                                                                    

and shimmering, shining mirrors of the moon.

Then grasp the great ground flying,

and gripping go running close,

back clinging to your clothing big mare mother.

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