Life and Death

A selection of poems by Lawrence J. Fedewa


A number of readers of my memoir. Inside: The Early Years,  have asked about my poetry. I have been writing poetry since the sixth grade, so there were many efforts, few of which have survived. However, some have, and recently I have added a few new pieces to the list.

I have selected a few poems under the themes of LIFE and DEATH.

Life is one astonishment after another, whether joy, sorrow, faith or desolation. As the years advance, death becomes an experience of increasing intensity and interest. Many of my life experiences are reflected here.

A poem is not to be judged by its length, its topic or its mood, but rather by its message and its language. A good poem is a thing of beauty. Life must have beauty to offset its opposites. And beauty must be seen in sorrow and death as well as in joy and love. It is the beauty that makes loss bearable. True beauty is an astonishment in life. Perhaps there is some beauty in these words. If so, it is freely given.


Lawrence J. Fedewa

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