My Personal State of the Union: Short Term Dangerous, Long Term Positive

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This column concludes my series on the Biden presidency at least for now. This is my own “State of the Union”.


Currently Dismal but redemption is in sight

By Larry Fedewa, Ph.D.

(Washington DC, February 16, 2022) The current state of the Union is: “surrounded by actual and potential disasters”:

·       9.7% inflation (PPI),

·       southern border sins against humanity,

·       worst urban crime wave in history,

·       World War III threats in Europe, Middle East, and Taiwan Strait,

·       downgraded military readiness, and

·       perceived abuse of federal and state government powers related to COVID19 and K-12 education as well as

·       enemy infiltration of Higher Education

– to name the most obvious.

It is hard to believe that most of these situations have occurred because of actions taken in a single year by the current administration. So, one could say that the state of the union is rather dismal.

Yet there is hope.

The most imminent threats are connected and more or less easily corrected by changes in policy. First in line for change is the radical Biden bias against fossil fuels.

The underlying premise that fossil fuel emissions cause climate change is nonsense to begin with. There is no convincing evidence to support this assumption. It is part of the Climate Change dogma, which like any dogmatic declaration is accepted unconditionally no matter the evidence or lack thereof.

In this case, however, the factual basis is irrelevant because energy is a fundamental requirement for modern civilization to exist, and there is no alternative source to fossil fuels. Conclusion: fossil fuel is now and for the foreseeable future the primary global source of energy, attempts to eliminate or even to downgrade the production of fossil fuels is contrary to the national interest of any nation. Yet this is what Biden did, starting the first day of his presidency. These actions have caused a deficit of >1.5 million barrels of crude oil per day in a country which had a daily surplus just a year ago  with a 100-year surplus still in the ground. It is now necessary for the USA to buy that oil from other countries. We are buying from Russia and other OPEC countries.

Have you wondered how Putin is financing 150,000 troops on the Ukraine border? He is using our money!

Have you wondered what his leverage is over Germany? His Nord Stream pipeline under the Baltic Sea is ready to go after Biden reversed the Trump cancellation of that source of energy for Europe.

So, that little bargain to supply 40% of Europe’s energy changed from income to the USA into a purchase from Russia.

And it also changed from leverage on Germany to a strategic advantage for Russia and a threat from Germany which could lead to the end of NATO. If you have wondered what Putin’s objectives might be with respect to the fuss he is creating with his threat to Ukraine, you can be assured that the disintegration of NATO is right is top of his list. Biden has made that a real possibility.

The other little result of our President’s attack on our energy industry is that the leading driver of the highest increase of inflation since the Carter administration is the cost of oil (which also drove the 1979’s inflation).

So, we do have to get through this year, but redemption is in sight:.

1.     The obvious solution to all the Russian problems is to revive the Trump strategy – remove all the Biden restrictions on American energy production, deny German access to Russian energy, re-impose the embargo on Iranian oil sales, and re-build American military readiness.

2.    Another positive factor is that 80% of the American public disapproves of the Biden economy, so the polls tell us.

3.    As I write this, twenty-seven states are considering legislation to improve election integrity. This is the key to the future viability of the two-party system of government, so that no more elections in America can be hijacked by the Dems.

Thus, redemption is in view. We do have to get through this year without any major damage -and nothing is guaranteed about that – but there is every reason to hope that Republicans can take control of at least the House of Representatives next year and serve as a brake on the Bidens.With both Houses of Congress, a rebuilding of America might well begin – perhaps with the impeachment and removal of Mr. Biden from office.

Transcending all these factors, however, is the cause we Americans represent, the freedoms and values we live and love.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. -“(US Constitution)

I was reminded of the power of this creed by the Honorable James S. Gilmore who appeared as a guest on my internet show, “The Resistance Hour”. He believes that all humanity craves the freedom that our forefathers brought forth and that we Americans enjoy today. The power of this way of life is manifest in the resolution of the many new governments being formed as the countries of the former Soviet Union emerge. All seek to replicate representative democracies.

Ambassador Gilmore believes that totalitarian regimes are on their last legs, that even the vast populations of China and Russia will find leaders to overthrow the regimes under which they now suffer.His faith in our system of government reminds us all of the privilege and power of our legacy, And our corresponding obligation to continue to improve it as we pass it on to the next generation in the inevitable march through time to an ever-improving human condition.

God bless America!


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