Youth dazzled; youth awed;

      youth terrified; youth glorified!

      Trees and trees and trees of power

       stay the sight and seep the strength,

       inflame the vision and the vigor of seeing.


      Glints of blending sunlight flecking

       black and brown and green with gold –

       breathless, over-powering beauty blasted in,

      veils torn from dream-swept trees, reality glares!


       Senses reeling, reality stealing

       stealing the soft, mossy cradle

       beneath the stark, unscaled treetops.

       Man’s hand butchers a tree.

       God’s finger fashions a cross.


      Back-breaking burden is basking,

                      basking in the darting shafts and wafts

      of the seeing Son as the Cross

                                          carries struggling, shrinking youth to the treetops!

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