The Biden Mystery

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The growing mystery of the Bidden Administration: Who is the puppet master?

By Dr. Larry Fedewa (Washington D.C., August 30, 2021)
The withdrawal of all American troops from Afghanistan was the final move in the ghastly ballet featuring the surrender by the President of the United States of America to the victorious Taliban in the Afghan War, which we have been fighting for 20 years.
More and more Americans are wondering just who is actually directing the policies of this Administration. Many observers question the mental capacity of this President to launch so many varied Executive Orders in so many different areas as he has in the first eight months of his term.
Personally, I would never reach such a diagnosis about anyone whom I had never even met in person, and never examined, tested and validated both his physical and mental condition. And then, I would be bound to confidentiality. These TV-based, off-the-cuff, amateur proclamations of Joseph Biden’s condition are, in my estimation, spurious, worthless and harmful.
I do not need to impute to Mr. Biden mental or age-related deficiencies in order to arrive at an answer to the question of who is actually making the decisions of the Administration. I don’t really care. What I do know is that this President has done more harm to “the land that I love” in six months than any president in my lifetime.
Consider some highlights:
1.     He has surrendered Afghanistan to the Taliban under conditions that are beyond stupid, careless or impetuous. They are evil. The implications for America’s standing in the world are breathtakingly significant (e.g. How would you like to be Taiwan today?)
2.    He has virtually killed America’s energy industry, putting the USA at the mercy of Russia and OPEC, and reopened the troubles of the Middle East, not only for us but also for Israel and America’s Arab allies – this after the “impossible peace” had finally been achieved.
3.    By reversing the resignation from the Paris Accord, he has committed the USA to basically funding the world’s absurd attempt to regulate Nature’s climate cycles.
4.    His resumption of Obama’s Iran policies has re-ignited the rise of global terrorism on the Shia side of Islam and the resurgence of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan will revive from the dead the Sunni equivalent. Another attempted 9/11 is virtually assured.
5.    Finally (so far) perhaps the most insidious of all is the conditions at the southern border, with its inhumane living conditions, criminal trafficking, and expansion of drugs and criminals throughout the USA.
Whoever has used the power of elected office to execute such activities clearly hates our country and is attempting to transform it into something more like Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia than the America of our hopes and dreams. This is a multi-faceted, multi-layer attack. There are not likely to be so many fanatics in so many areas of expertise in a single political movement, Political movements tend to be concentrated on a few specific ideas.

It is my speculation that there is a cadre of experts behind this movement. As Mark Levin has pointed out, these actions have deep roots in American history, but they are also very contemporary in their immediate moves and strategies. This combination of actions and policies is too comprehensive and too systematic to be the acts of an isolated White House. Add the pending explosions of the national debt and the accompanying goliath of a tax increase which are pending in the Congress and what we are watching is an assault on the America which has been the most successful civilization in the history of the world by people who hate it and are out to destroy it.
What rival civilization does that description fit best in 2021? Who has the resources and the motivation to organize the internal self-destruction of the dominant nation in the 21st century? Who has successfully captured the technology that has put America ahead of the rest of the world for the past century? Who has assisted in the rise of a new generation of billionaires who now owe much of their success to a foreign power – whether it be mass production of vastly discounted goods (e.g. Amazon, Walmart), high technology (e.g. Apple, Microsoft), highly trained, low waged technical personnel (Silicon Valley), helping America’s continuous budget deficits (e.g. Federal Reserve, Wall Street), and who presumably has a vault full of documentation and video evidence of Hunter Biden in the act of accepting bribes on behalf of his father?
Answer: CHINA
Last year I wrote a column naming Joe Biden “the Manchurian Candidate” after the 1960’s book and movie of that name which detailed a scenario of how the Chinese Communist Party could maneuver a candidate whom they controlled to win the United States presidency.  The occasion of my connecting that scenario with Mr. Biden occurred when the first bribery disclosures of Biden’s son, his brother and sister-in-law, as well as Biden himself had become public knowledge. What added to the veracity of these disclosures were both the strength of the evidence and the burying of the evidence by the FBI and the press – both of whom were known to be controlled by anti-Trump forces. I have no direct evidence that Biden is acting on orders from the ChiCom to execute these drastic, destructive measures which are simultaneously attacking a wide variety of American institutions and beliefs, but I can connect the dots as well as anyone else.
It is my hypothesis that the answer to the question of who is ultimately responsible for such a lethal attack on America’s international dominance is the Chicom conspiracy. They are not only clever enough to attack from many directions – from riots in the streets, to rigged elections, to taking control of one of the two American political parties, to furthering American Marxism in American education and intellectual platforms, to subversion of major American companies and their owners, to undermining America’s moral authority with its broken promises, to overwhelming our borders with unknown invaders. No one political movement can be as effective on so many fronts immediately and simultaneously as the destructive force which is tearing down our country today – as we watch in horror.
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