The Death of Democracy and “We the People”

By Colonel George Seiler, USAF (ret.), Ph.D., (Thursday, August 10, 2017)

We have elections to let the people, the US citizens, voice their opinion in the form of a vote.  For many years I have professed that we overthrow the current government with ballots, and not bullets.  The US was one of the few countries where the loser did not have to get out of town.  The loser could even still display the bumper sticker of his losing candidate, and not worry about his windows getting shattered, or his car burned and vandalized.  It was OK to express your opinion, and after the election, the two parties blended together to make America flourish, make a better life for the kids and grandkids, expand the family living quarters, save up for a new car, or college. Become a journeyman at a trade, like electrician, HVAC, auto maintenance, new buildings, new roads and bridges. Politics was at least 2 years away, and the Presidential election was 4 years away.

In the interim, people respected the office of the President.  It was taught in our schools to do so.  We rallied for or against policy, legislation bills, changes in treaties, new treaties, American involvement on the world front to keep us safe.

But in 2016/2017 something appalling happened.  Even before the final votes were tallied, and the victorious candidate announced, there was a call for impeachment. And that was the beginning of what can become the end of democracy.  Millions of Americans spoke at the polls, and the losers wish to undo their choice, by a relentless campaign to challenge the legitimacy of the election, and the qualification of the freely elected President.  If Trump is taken down, then a few can determine the President, and not the millions who voted.  And the few are not elected, but appointed.  The strategy is simply “death by a thousand pin pricks”.

If you make up a story, and the mass media print it, while correct or false, there are surely some who will believe it, because it supports their already prejudice and desired outcome. The false story can be shown to be false, but the damage is done, or the reaction achieved.  As an aside, and to show the character and ethics of these folks, after the 2012 election, harry Reed was asked about his lies he was telling about Romney, and if he felt remorse for them.  His answer was “Romney lost”.

So, I will try to cover some of the pin pricks that got the special counsel up and running.  The special counsel that is looking for a crime, not investigating a crime.

The president’s telephone conversation with Mexico and Australia published.  The Russian probe. Obstruction of justice. Collusion. Financial ties. Voter fraud. Election tampering. Dossier. It has gotten to the point that some Republicans are believing the relentless accusations, without proof, but just leaks from the Intelligence agencies, and perhaps even the FBI itself.  After all, Comey felt above the law in leaking his conversation with the President.

So, instead of focusing on legislation, which the Republican Congress was unable to achieve, we see a few lawyers searching desperately to find the smoking gun.  If there is one, it is on the Democratic side of the aisle.  But for the Republicans, what we have seen is they are part of the swamp, and owned by the large corporations, and afraid to pass legislation that would offend their lobbyists.

So, here we are, watching a group of lawyers probing every way they can think of, to manufacture a crime, and try to take down the President. So the very few decide who can be the President, and not the millions who cast their vote.  And if the intelligence community is brought in to testify, why should we believe them.  You can rest assured that if they had something of truth, it would have been leaked by now.  So they need to make up a plausible story to leak to catch the imagination of the spy novelists, to become the rallying cry to take down the duly elected President.

In conclusion, democracy is not in jeopardy from the Russians as much it is in jeopardy from the elitist who think a few, a very few, who control the intelligence agencies, and the press, should decide who the President is, and not “we the people”.

If these elite, the “deep state”, do elect their candidate, we are assured that all will be quiet again, and the rich will get richer, and powerful more powerful, and the forgotten masses will still be forgotten. The economy will be required to support all the unemployed and these will remain on the dole to insure the results of future “so called” democratic elections.

Our Guest Writer

George Seiler spent 25 years in the Air Force, retiring as a Colonel in 1995. He was a B-52 pilot and squadron commander. He performed the analysis that showed the nuclear balance was shifting to the USSR in 1980, sometimes called the Window of Vulnerability. He authored a book at the Air Power Research Institute entitled Strategic Nuclear Forced Requirements and Issues.
Col. Seiler created and ran the Strategic Relocatable Target office, and served as the Chief of Air Force Program Analysis and Evaluation office at the Pentagon for seven years, before retiring in 1995.
After retiring from the military, Dr. Seiler formed SeiCorp, Inc., which specialized in remote sensing and interoperability with Allies. Contracts were mostly classified, but involved live intelligence at the China Lake facility. Dr. Seiler sold the company and retired again in 2013, and remains a sharp observer and critic of political and strategic events.

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