The Dems are destroying the presidency

The real challenge to the Constitution
By Dr. Larry Fedewa (October 27, 2019)
Among the many absurd accusations being carelessly hurled around by the Democrats these days is the most absurd of all: that the President is violating the Constitution. In fact, we are seeing another example of the Left’s habit of accusing the President – and conservatives in general – of committing the very crimes that they themselves have actually committed.
The most egregious example of this behavior is the Democrats’ accusations that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians to overthrow the 2016 election, when in fact the Clintons and their campaign had a long – and very profitable — influence-peddling scheme going on, using the Clinton Foundation as their cover – to the tune of over $100 million! Even the Mueller fiasco could not find evidence of Trump involvement.
In this case, Nancy Pelosi, through Adam Schiff, Jerrold Nadler and their cohorts, have all but destroyed any U.S. president’s ability to carry on foreign policy. What leader of a foreign government is going to want to talk confidentially with the American president when they have a well-founded fear of their conversation being broadcast to the public? The same goes for American diplomats.
What about the president talking with his own people? Executive privilege is a necessary prerogative in order for the president to perform his job of leading this massive administrative state. The Dems are heedlessly trying to destroy this necessary shield by their subpoenas of Administration officials to present testimony against their own boss. In this they have so far been aided by the feckless judiciary. If there does not arise some respect for the Office of the President on the part of higher courts, the very exercise of Executive Privilege will become the “High misdemeanors” the Dems are looking for.
The most drastic move of the zealots in the House is their attempt to place their own judgement of the President’s legitimacy over that of the American public by attempting to overthrow the sitting president before the already scheduled election less than a year hence. If this is not a blatant attempt to exercise raw power, it will do until a military coup comes along.
To make matters worse, the proceedings are being conducted IN SECRET! While the procedures leading to impeachment are not prescribed in any detail in the founding documents of the republic – probably because the Founders never envisioned a serious attack on the president’s right to exercise his office – there have been procedural precedents set by the three other impeachment efforts in American history (Andrew Johnson 1867, Richard Nixon 1974, William Clinton 1996). These procedures constitute due process and cannot in good conscience be abandoned without adequate substitutes.
Due process of law is guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution. Surely the President of the United States is due the same rights as any other citizen. In this regard, there is another precedent being abandoned by these outlaws, namely the secrecy of the Grand Jury proceedings.
Schiff is demanding that the seal of secrecy which exists for the Grand Juries which heard the accusations of the Mueller investigation be broken and made public. And (unbelievably) an Obama federal judge has so ordered. This means that the ultimate decision as to further action against a defendant which has already been made by a properly constituted Grand Jury can now be exploited by a group of politicians whose motives are suspect at best. And the witnesses may be summoned before Congress on the basis of prior testimony. Our already flawed judicial system stands to be further compromised.
In summary: the USA cannot tolerate
1)      a presidency which does not have the necessary tools to perform its sworn obligations to the American people.
2)     a judicial system which does not protect the anonymity of those who give testimony in Grand Jury proceedings held to determine whether or not to prosecute a defendant who is presumed innocent until proven guilty,
3)     or a president who is subject to the whims of any bureaucrat who wishes to cause him trouble and schemes with a powerful House Committee chairman under the cloak of anonymity,
4)     nor, finally, an assault against a president’s fitness to serve while denying him the benefit of due process.
These people have to be stopped before they bring down our Constitution and our democracy for future generations.
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