The Dems’ huge gamble

By Dr. Larry Fedewa (November 2, 2019)
The Democrat Party of the United States of America has apparently adopted the following strategy:
  1. Put forth a list of second- and third-rate candidates for their 2020 Presidential nomination, almost all of whom represent positions on the significant issues of health care, immigration, environment, the Constitution, and foreign policy which are so far to the Left that they are never going to attract the majority support of the American electorate.
  2. To make this decision work, they made a frantic, last minute attempt to remove the current President by the vote of one house of the legislature, even though the Senate, which is controlled by the Republican Party — which must convict the President by a 2/3 majority — is virtually certain the exonerate the President, thus leaving the President in office.
  3. Nevertheless, proceed with the impeachment on the assumption that the process can be manipulated in such a way as to stain the President’s name and reputation and thereby divert enough independent voters to defeat Donald J. Trump in his quest for a second term.
The goal appears to be to stir up so much hatred of Mr. Trump that the Democrat will win no matter who it is, washed into office by a flood of negative views of Trump and his Administration.
The customary strategy for an American election is to spend the pre-primary season testing one or more favored candidate(s) and discover whether their early choices have the required qualities to defeat the sitting president. If the field does not look strong enough, the elders of the party would start looking for a better candidate. To their credit, they did convince Joseph Biden to join the campaign, but that does not seem to be working too well.
Instead of this conventional approach, someone has convinced the Party to go with the impeachment strategy. From the outside at least, this looks like a death wish. If the goal is to sway public opinion to vote against Donald J. Trump at any cost, the early signs are suggesting that this strategy is having the opposite effect. This should not be surprising, given the basic proposition beneath the rhetoric, namely: the Dems want to remove the legitimately elected president by act of Congress and thereby usurp the prerogative of the electorate to decide whether Mr. Trump should be reelected or not. If the impeachment were to lead to his removal from office a few months before an election, the American public would never get the chance to make that decision. The polls show that this idea is not going over too well with the public.
On the other hand, President Trump’s record as President is filled with extraordinary accomplishments. The latest is his Syrian/Turkey/Kurd policy, which appears to have settled a nearly one-hundred-year old dispute between the Turks and the Kurds/Syrians. This is a monumental accomplishment, worth the price of allowing Russia to solidify its influence with all the parties. Let the Russians worry about the Kurds. As long as we have control of the oil and retain air support and Special Ops capability, the Kurds may be able to get along without us. We can then continue our withdrawal from the Middle East. This is only the latest achievement in a long list that this President has succeeded in executing. Besides changing the direction of the economy and trade policy, he has fulfilled many of his other campaign promises as well. If he can engineer a new trade agreement with China, and begin removing the tariffs, his record will be even harder to beat.
This makes his reelection much more likely. If the Dems want to beat him in 2020, they had better come up with a better plan. The current one won’t get the job done. In fact, it makes one wonder what on earth they are thinking?
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