The universe pulses the greatness of God

Utter vastness of worlds and galaxies,

space, light, time in trillions,

suns and millennia and light years

grow and pass and pray their grandeur

and the greater grandeur of their timeless time

there to God alone, playing and praying

for untold eons watched by Him alone

before man’s telescopes and missiles and rockets.


God, more baffling and astounding and vast

than they and their offspring added and multiplied.


O God of space! O Presence!

God in every ion and molecule,

surrounding its infinitesimal, streaking explosions,

planning its patterns, placing its presence

for man to find and gape in awe,

hypnotized by the science of God

unfolding the mixture of things, the folly of senses

– for a paralyzing instant – a numbing flash

of the fantastic Mastermind of the universe!

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