What (Who) Is The “Deep State”?

The Deep State wants its power. For that to happen, Trump must go!  


By Dr. Larry Fedewa (August 11, 2018)

The term, “Deep State”, is used increasingly in discussions of the current confrontations between the Trump administration and its opponents in government and politics. What – or who – is the “Deep State”?

The term originated to describe a group of military, political and industrial conspirators who more or less ruled Turkey for most of the 20th century (and who may be making a comeback now). The first use of the term to describe America’s ruling class may have been Mike Lofgren’s 2016 book, The Deep State, a profoundly pessimistic account of the marginalization of democratic elections in the governance of the United States of America in favor of a cabal of highly placed individuals from business, unions, academia and government bureaucracy who use their enormous wealth to dictate government policy.

As used in the current dialog, mostly by conservatives, the “Deep State” refers to the anti-Trump conspirators within the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the National Security Agency (NSA), and perhaps the Department of State (DOS). While the opposition Democratic party is a major supporter of the Deep State, none of their number have been credibly accused of direct participation in the conspiracy.

The actual actors in this drama have been members of the bureaucracy, who have shown themselves to hold real power in our government. Perhaps the most spectacular display of this power struggle is the outright refusal of the Department of Justice to provide documents critical to the constitutional oversight of the DOJ by the Congress of the United States. So far, the bureaucracy is winning, proving they are more powerful than one of the branches of government.

In truth, the cheering section for the Deep State is broad and deep, extending to both political parties, the lobbyists, their financial supporters, and a good sampling of the American electorate. But, without the career and political operators in the various departments of the federal government, their opposition to Mr. Trump would have had little effect as long as control of both houses of Congress remains Republican. This latest episode was initiated under President Obama in an effort to maintain his policies by the election of his former rival, Hillary Clinton. This ongoing effort to oppose Donald Trump began with President Obama and his appointees attempting to deny him the presidency and has continued as an effort to provide evidence for an impeachment trial of Mr. Trump, thus overthrowing the legitimately elected president of the United States

So, who then are the Deep State? So far, we know about the leaders of the Obama intelligence community, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Assistant Attorney General Bruce Ohr, Acting Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, FBI Director James Comey, FBI Chief of Counterterrorism Peter Strzok, DOJ Attorney Lisa Page, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, CIA Director John Brennan, among the most prominent. There is also strong suspicion by reason of association that the Special Counsel Robert Mueller is among this group along with many of his prosecutors.

The broader view of the Deep State begins with the question, Why this elaborate conspiracy to overthrow Mr. Trump? From an evidentiary perspective, the answer to this question is simply unknown. On the face of it, the proposition that a group of seasoned career officials would risk their futures, their careers, their reputations – not to mention their risk of prison – to participate in a scheme of this magnitude does not seem reasonable.

After all, what do they have to lose? The political appointees would have lost their jobs in any new administration, but that was foreseen when they accepted their appointment. The career people have seen changes of administration before and survived.

Clearly, there was money involved for Bruce Ohr, since his wife was a member of the firm which received a hefty contract for producing the infamous “Trump Dossier”. But that is the only case of financial inducement which has come to light. It would be interesting to watch what job offers the perpetrators receive after leaving government. At this point, however, the motivation for the players remains unknown.

Not so the motivations for the cheerleaders. The Democrats want a return to power. The unions and Wall Street want friendly judges. The “one world”, no borders people want open borders. The multinationals liked the status quo of subsidized trades, The anti-Russians and other hawks want tough talk. The socialists want higher taxes and free everything.

Standing in the way to all these desires is Donald J. Trump, proclaiming that he financed his own campaign and owes nothing to nobody! No wonder they all want him gone! The Deep State wants its power back. For that to happen, Trump must go.

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